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2018 Women in Leadership Conference Recap 04-25-2018
The 2018 Women in Leadership Conference was held on Friday, March 30th at BYU. Sponsored by the BYUMS Women in Business and the JRCLS Women in Law, this conference involved many talented professional women and students in all areas of leadership and from many professions. We sincerely thank all of those who participated ..
2017 Leadership Conference Recap 11-20-2017
This year’s Management Society Conference, help on September 28th and 29th was a success! We loved being together to celebrate 40 years of the Management Society. We sincerely thank all of those who participated in making the conference happen and for all those who attended. Chapter leaders who attended were empowered to better define their local purpose a..
Campinas Brazil Chapter New President 09-09-2017
A new Chapter President for Campinas Brazil Chapter has been appointed. André Cunha Silva formally assumed as chapter president on Aug 30th during a lunch with Paulo Loureiro, Lincoln Martins and Michel Chain. After 3 years of service as the chapter president, Michel Chain, general manager at Taco Bell Brazil, assumes as Past President. In this position Chain, continues as mem..
2017 Asia Pacific Conference Report 05-26-2017
The Asia Pacific region held their annual conference in Seoul, Korea on May 12th and 13th. The conference served to inspire the current and future members of Asia Pacific chapters of the BYU Management Society through dynamic speakers and engaging learning opportunities.  The two-day conference hosted various speakers including BYU-Hawaii President John S. Tanner, M..
Angela Johnson: A Call to Serve 05-02-2017
"When the dust of life settles, perhaps nothing will matter more than the power of influence and personal choice. Having the moral courage to stand for principles that protect others, and to build and strengthen those around me will be my legacy. BYU Management Society offers me the opportunity to be with like-minded indiv..
Professional Discussion on “The Impact of Labor Reforms in Brazil” 02-21-2017
Encontro Profissional sobre O Impacto da Reforma Trabalhistas Relações de Trabalho Modernas” Em 21 de fevereiro último, a BYU Management Society, capítulo São Paulo, co-organizou o Encontro Profissional que tratou do tema “O Impacto da Reforma Trabalhistas Relações de Trabalho Modernas”. O evento fez ..
Recife Board Meeting and Dinner with FranklinCovey CEO 04-13-2017
O Capítulo Recife da BYU Management Society é o mais novo capítulo da MS no Brasil. Organizado no final de 2016, teve sua primeira reunião do Board em dezembro do ano passado e seu primeiro jantar de networking em fevereiro de 2017, com Paulo Kretley, CEO Brasil da FranklinCovey. No jantar, foi discutido, entre outros temas, o perfil profissional de sucesso: car&aa..
BYUMS Chicago Chapter Kick-Off Event 04-06-2017
On Wednesday, March 15, the Chicago Chapter of the Brigham Young University Management Society held its 2017 kick-off event at the Hubbard Inn restaurant in downtown Chicago. The event was well attended by those in the Chicagoland area, the event introduced attendees to the new chapter leadership team and provided an oppor..
Special Fall Issue Marriott Alumni Magazine 10-24-2016
Marriott Alumni Magazine, the tri-annual publication of the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University, showcases innovative business research, provides lifelong learning opportunities, and highlights alumni achievements. Distributed to alumni and friends around the world, the magazine boasts more than 140,000 readers and a tradition of award-winning content. ..
2016 Annual BYUMS Leadership Conference 10-19-2016
DEFINE. FOCUS. GROW. This year’s Management Society Conference, held on September 29th and 30th, was a success. We sincerely thank all of those who participated in making the conference happen and for all those who attended. Chapter leaders who attended were empowered to better define ..
Accra Ghana Chapter: Growing Moral & Ethical Leadership Around the World ! 03-30-2016
The purpose of the BYU Management Society is to develop careers, provide networking opportunities, serve the community, and help build the future throughout the world. Chapters, both locally and internationally, are fulfilling this purpose in big ways! One such example is the Accra Ghana chapter. This chapter has been working hard to raise awareness of the Management Society in Ghana, both th..
2016 Washington DC Annual Gala honoring Clayton M. Christensen 03-24-2016
The BYUMS Washington DC chapter is pleased to announce Clayton M. Christensen, Harvard Business School professor and best-selling author, will be the guest of honor at the annual gala dinner on April 23, 2015. He will receive the chapter’s Distinguished Business Leader Award and will be the keynote speaker for the evening.     Dr. Christensen is the..
Welcome BYUMS Copenhagen! 03-22-2016
On March 4th the Copenhagen chapter became an active chapter in the BYU Management Society. They held a networking event at their local YSA Center in Copenhagen and had a turnout of around 16 people. David Meilsøe, who is the co-founder and CEO of Infotrust -Business Intelligence Solutions, came and spoke about ethics and entrepreneurship. 
2015 Annual Leadership Conference 07-28-2015
Each year Brigham Young University Management Society organizes a leadership conference for the benefit of all BYUMS board members worldwide. These conferences are a wonderful opportunity to connect with leaders from chapters all around the world and to learn best practices for growing and leading chapters. We will have outstanding speakers this year that will help you focus your chapter on t..
2015 Asia Pacific Regional Leadership Conference 06-04-2015
The Taiwan chapter of the BYUMS sponsored a very successful leadership conference in Taipei on April 24-25th. This conference featured amazing speakers and many were in attendance allowing special networking opportunities. In addition to the 250 local professionals, chapter leaders f..
2015 London Chapter Conference 06-04-2015
On May 23 the London chapter of BYUMS held a wonderful conference. This conference featured dynamic speakers and unique learning opportunities from Elder C. Herbertson, Teppo Felin, Mick Hagen, Martin Turvey, Kevin Johnson, Adrian Bettridge, and several more. One special keynote speaker from the event was Jason Smyth. Everyone was delighted to get an insight into the world of the fastest para..
Winter 2015 Issue of Marriott Alumni Magazine Now Available for iPad and iPad Mini 02-20-2015
The Winter 2015 issue of Marriott Alumni Magazine is now available for iPad and iPad Mini in the App Store and online at Highlights include:
Paul Gustavson Webinar 02-05-2015
The BYU Management Society recently sponsored a webinar with Paul Gustavson speaking on "A Team of Leaders". We are proud to report that over 340 people participated from around the world! Here are some thoughts about the event from some Management Society members: "Paul focused on the six stages of a team and what it takes to become a team of leaders. I am going to ha..
J. Reuben Clark Law Society Annual Fireside 02-07-2014
The J. Reuben Clark Law Society just had their annual fireside. It was a great event for all who attended. The JRCLS has allowed us to link to their page so that those who could not g..
Chapters Receive Excellence Awards 10-23-2013
Thirty-three chapters received awards at the Annual Management Society Leadership Conference on October 3-4, 2013.  Chapters were honored for their excellence in acheiving goals in leadership, activity, service and reporting.   The following chapters received the Dean's Chapter of Excellence Award: Brazil NE, Brazil-Sao Paulo, BYU-Idaho, Charlotte, Ghana, Greater Teton,..
2013 Conference Brings Leaders Together 10-23-2013
The 2013 Annual Leadership Conference of the Management Society brought in 160 chapter leaders from sixty chapters for training.  The conference was held October 3-4 at Aspen Grove and at the Tanner Building on BYU campus. Keynote speakers included Robert Friedman (Fearless Branding), Kevin Hall (Power of Words), Bill O'Rourke (Ethical Leadership), and Timothy Clark (Leadership vs. M..
Ghana Chapter Launch 04-02-2013
A new chapter in Accra, Ghana, officially launched in March. The newest members of the society are looking forward to creating change for Ghanaians by focusing on the Management Society’s mission to foster integrity in business.
Stephen M. R. Covey: The Speed of Trust 03-11-2013
The BYU Management Society is partnering with FranklinCovey to bring Management Society members special discount pricing for Stephen M. R. Covey's "The Speed of Trust" presentation in 29 cities acro..
Singapore Chapter Activity 01-23-2013
The Singapore chapter of the BYU Management Society had a very successful activity on November 22, 2012, attracting 65 members and non-members. Dr. Brett Savage, CEO of Next Phase Leadership LLC, spoke on the topic "Let your career flourish through a phase model." During the course of his talk, he discussed the following topics: How to turn a "languishing"..
BYU Honored as "Changemaker Campus" 11-01-2012
  PROVO, Utah – Sep 24, 2012 – Brigham Young University has been designated a Changemaker Campus by Ashoka U.  Ashoka U, a subset of the international nonprofit organization Ashoka, is an i..
2012 Leadership Conference a Great Success 10-22-2012
The 2012 Annual Leadership Conference proved to be the best ever with nearly 200 attendees and 30 chapters getting "Chapters of Excellence" awards. Chapter leaders were uplifted and informed by outstanding keynote speakers -- Paul Gustavson and Alyson von Feldt (Running into the Wind), Jared Stewart and Sarah Stewart (the Business of Relationships), Stephen M.R. Covey (Speed of Trus..