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Winter 2015 Issue of Marriott Alumni Magazine Now Available for iPad and iPad Mini 02-20-2015

The Winter 2015 issue of Marriott Alumni Magazine is now available for iPad and iPad Mini in the App Store and online at

Highlights include:

BYU MPA Celebrates Fifty Years: To mark this impressive milestone, members of George W. Romney’s family, including former presidential nominee Mitt Romney, attended several events last November.

Gravity Check: Even rocket scientists need someone to keep them grounded. That responsibility falls to Michelle Curtis, a 2009 MPA alum and an analyst at NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

The Next Step: Coming up with an idea is easy but taking it to the next level? Not so much. Luckily, a book by Marriott School professors suggests that great innovation is as simple as build, test, repeat.

Linking In, Moving Up: In today’s market, landing a dream job probably won’t require endless hours pounding the pavement. Instead, recruiters will find candidates on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

An Unshakable Bedrock of Integrity: James Turley, former CEO of EY and the Marriott School’s 2014 International Executive of the Year, has visited many college campuses, but BYU that keeps drawing him back. In his address to the school’s National Advisory Council, Turley shares the three reasons why the firm recruits in Provo.

For additional content, be sure to check out the magazine’s blog at We hope you enjoy this issue of Marriott Alumni Magazine.


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