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Christmas Devotional with Elder LeGrand R. Curtis

Join us on Tuesday, December 11, 2018 for our annual Christmas Devotional. ..


Planejamento 2019 Capitulo Londrina


1893 Colombian World Expo, Presented by Dyke Huish

1893 Colombian World Expo, Presented by Dyke Huish

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2015 London Chapter Conference 06-04-2015

On May 23 the London chapter of BYUMS held a wonderful conference. This conference featured dynamic speakers and unique learning opportunities from Elder C. Herbertson, Teppo Felin, Mick Hagen, Martin Turvey, Kevin Johnson, Adrian Bettridge, and several more. One special keynote speaker from the event was Jason Smyth. Everyone was delighted to get an insight into the world of the fastest paralympian on the planet. He is a true inspiration.

The conference started off on May 22nd with professional trainings to help leaders dig in to more specific issues and concerns to help strengthen our BYUMS chapters. At this conference chapters from Finland, Denmark, Scotland, the United Kingdom, Frankfurt, and the Gulf Coast Council were all represented. We are so grateful for our amazing leaders that put this conference together and for all that our chapters were able to take from it.

Click here to see the flyer for this conference and here if you would like to see the conference schedule.


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