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Global Connect: Carmen Yu

Global Connect is hosting Carmen Yu, Asia Area Human Resource Manager for the Church of Jesus Christ..


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Our next meeting is planned for 7pm, Wednesday, 13th November, at Blue Apple, 56, Wellington Street,..

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"What I Learned About Finding a Professional Position from my Dog's Groomer" (Vicki Huebner, 9-16-2015). I own a stunningly handsome Shetland Sheepdog named Gabriel.  This is not just my opinion.  It is an objective fact.  Complete strangers (and a lot of them) stop me on the street any time I take Gabriel for a walk around my home in Silicon Valley to tell me how striking he is.  Therefore, I had mixed emotions when Gabriel’s long time groomer, Juan, announced that he was leaving the large, national pet retailer located near my home to open his own grooming salon – on the other side of town. Read More . . .

"Recovery: Life After Being Skunked" (Vicki Huebner, 11-30-2015). I live near a park and creek.  Therefore, wildlife often co-inhabits my downtown, urban neighborhood.  One day this past summer, I awoke early and let my dog, Gabriel, out to explore our backyard.  It didn’t take long before I heard a few barks and then the most putrid, foul odor wafted through my open bedroom window into my open bedroom closet door.  You guessed it, Gabriel was skunked! . . . As job seekers go out into the job market and experience rejection -- generally more than once – they can feel like they just got skunked.  Read more . . .

"Resolutions That Stick: Why Accountability is Important to Your Job Search" (Vicki Huebner, 1-12-2016)Did you make any resolutions associated with the start of 2016? Have you already broken them? Many of us have experience making - and breaking New Year's resolutions. One January, I arrived late for my longstanding yoga class because there was simply no place to park in the gym parking lot. I mentioned the parking situation to the instructor after class and his response was not to worry about parking since most of the new pepole who made resolutions to go to the gym would stop coming within two weeks and would be back to thier comfortable old routine. Read more . . .