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Spirit of the Game at Cardel Theatre

Come join us for a private showing of Spirit of the Game! The N. Eldon Tanner Society will be hosti..


Downtown Lunch with Derek Christensen: Four Technology Trends that Will Change Everything--A Technology Insider's View of the Outside World

Derek Christensen will teach us how emerging trends in the technology industry are spreading to impa..

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The BYU Management Society's main purpose is to "Grow Moral and Ethical Leadership Around the World," and we achieve that goal most effectively with a focused sense of purpose in our meetings, our interactions with others, and in the way we represent ourselves to the world as well as in our personal lives. Below are the specific purposes of the Management Society:

We focus our efforts and meet purposefully

More than just providing information, entertainment, or social outlets, the Management Society and its chapters focus on the vision: Growing Moral and Ethical Leadership around the World. This makes us much more than a group of business professionals.

We grow people

No matter what career stage members are in, the society is committed to helping its members professionally through mentoring, workshops, and networking opportunities. We strive to provide learning and growing experiences for professionals at all stages of their careers.

We respect others and act professionally

The society is a professional organization where members treat each other with respect. It is inclusive regardless of age, gender, nationality, ethnicity, career path, alma mater, or religious affiliation.

We think globally

Our chapters work together across the world to develop strong leaders for businesses, churches, communities, and families, thus building the Management Society network worldwide. Chapter members use their love for and knowledge of other cultures and languages to help other members around the world.

We align with the mission of BYU and the Marriott School

Cooperating with BYU and the Marriott School strengthens chapters as they promote the Marriott School's emphasis on education, scholarship, and service. Management Society members mentor new students, assist with internships and job placement, fund scholarships, and recruit students.

We live the vision

From the recent graduate to the seasoned leader, society members exhibit a lifelong commitment to the mission and ideals of the BYU Management Society. Members commit themselves to the program and the vision rather than to personalities, and leaders strive to implement a program patterned after the mission.